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7 Tips of how to shop fashionable clothes on a budget

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Do you love shopping?

I love shopping very much. However, we will still worry about our wallet, right? How to have cute outfits without making your wallet so stressful? Here are 7 tips to help you to achieve your desire to buy new clothes without making your wallet suffer so much. Enjoy ~

1) Set up monthly clothing budget

With a budget, it is easier to know what kind of clothes and how many clothes that we have to buy this month. This can also avoid overspending.

2) Note down the event calendar of this month.

If you have a clear picture of which events that you have to attend by this month, then you know the sequence and can buy the priority clothes first.

3) List down items of this fall that you like to buy 

Keep a reference list before you buy clothes. Refer to the list and look at items that are found on the list only.

4) Research the price range of items that on your list online

Make sure clothes you buy are under your budget.

5) Enter shops and enjoy shopping!

Put your attention on the items that are found on your list.

6) Fitting and trying the clothes.

This is because sometimes the clothes may look nicer than we wear them on. When you are trying them out, you will know if they are really suitable for your style. Everything is Fashion! But maybe not suitable for everyone. In addition, we’re only looking for the items that are really suitable to us. 

7) Go Online shopping !

Some items that we like to buy but didn’t find in the stores that we visit, we can still buy it online. Online Shopping is more Cheaper than in store. If you wonder where to find the best deals, we’ll introduce it on Happyesme.com soon. Just stay tuned !

After reading these guides, what do you think? Do you have your own system for your shopping too? Or?  Leave them in the comments!

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10 months ago

I love your sense of fashion!!! Definitely love the whole outfit featured in this post! Thanks for sharing tips for fashionable clothes on a budget!

Mari | http://www.dazedmari.com

9 months ago

Looooove the skirt … I too am an online shopper, I don’t see the point in going into shops anymore!

I love ASOS, Saint Genies and PLT


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