Secrets of how I style Sweet Girly Outfit with a Baseball Hat(c)

2 secrets of how I style sweet girly outfit with a baseball hat

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2 secret points of how I style sweet girly outfit with a baseball hat-1(c)

Hey y’all! I am Miki Esme! Lover of travel, coffee, eating, fashion, and creating content for YOU on my blog. 😉 I am going to be showing you 2 of my secrets that let me use the black baseball cap to create a sweet girly outfit.

 I love baseball hats. It is an easy way and comfortable hat that will add on bonus points of the aesthetic to my outfit. Wherever you go for streets, shopping, dating or college, baseball hats can also help in your outfits.😍

However, baseball hats normally give us too many sporty looks. How to make it more sweet and girly? 

2 secret points of how I style sweet girly outfit with a baseball hat-2(c)
2 secret points of how I style sweet girly outfit with a baseball hat 4(c)

Here’s my 2 secret :

1) Add on pink color 

Pink is alway shows a girly and sweet image. Just adding some pink elements to your outfit will show a completely different light up!


2) Pair with gauzy skirt

Gauzy skirt will bring you feminine look immediately. Here, I choose black gauzy skirt because I wanna decrease the childish image from the pink color.The brown color suspender is added to balance the whole outfit.

This outfit is not only approachable to your girl friends, but also acceptable from men too. Thousands of people including men and women are showing their “like” and interest in this outfit via Instagram too.🥰

Do you wear a baseball hat too?  What else do you think is essential for baseball hat style? Let’s talk about it in the comments section!🤗

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Shelbee on the Edge
9 months ago

You are adorable! I love this outfit so much, I really like the juxtaposition of a girly outfit with more sporty components like a baseball cap and sneakers. Such great style!


Kathrine Eldridge
9 months ago

Love this cute and fun look! I adore the hat.

9 months ago

Oh I love how you’re wearing this baseball hat.
Such a good idea to match it with a pretty skirt and pink. I love this girly outfit.

8 months ago

Such a fabulous outfit! I love the combination of the cute top with the black, sheer skirt!

Emma xxx

8 months ago

what a cute look! inspires me to wear a baseball hat more!

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