5 Steps on How to wash your face in correct order every day-2(C)Happyesme.com

5 Steps on How to wash your face in correct order every day

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5 Steps on How to wash your face in correct order every day-1(C)Happyesme.com

Hey y’all! I am Miki Esme! A Fashion Stylist and Lover of travel, coffee, eating, and creating content for YOU on here! 😉 Today, I am going to share my beauty secrets. Let’s get started on our beautiful life! 😍

To have a beautiful look, firstly, we have to take more care of our face. This is the one and the only face we own, and we are gonna use it for a very long time. Washing face every day may seem simple, however the right order of washing face is actually an Art.

Previously, my surroundings got people telling me that “beauty will come up automatically, it does not need anything, even makeup also not needed.” However, I know that is not true!  😱Nothing will come automatically in this world. Everything happens with some other effort. I believe that all beautiful artists put their own effort to achieve their beauty and their success. Therefore, please stop believing that miracles will happen one day without any effort. 🥴Come on! Let’s drive into our beautiful, radiant, and         flawless skin Now!🤩 

5 Steps on How to wash your face in correct order every day-2(C)Happyesme.com

Here are my 5 Steps of cleansing face that you can also do it at home every day:

  1. Wash your face with lukewarm water                                                                   ➼ Using lukewarm water(or water with normal temperature) instead of hot water to wet the face at the beginning of the cleansing process.

  2. Put some cleanser on your hand and rub it softly in your hand first.                      ➼ Put the cleanser on hand before go your face

  3. Massage your face with the cleanser                                                                      ➼ Do it softly and slowly. Don’t forget your jawline and the hairline too.

  4. Rinse off the cleanser by water on your face                                                         ➼ Make sure remove all the cleanser from your face

  5. Dabbing your face with a clean towel                                                                  ➼ Make sure do not rub your face by towel 

For best results, we have to use products which are suitable for our skin type. In this article, we are focusing on basic skin cleansing steps, which is the most important process of skin care. Moreover, these are my steps of skin cleansing on skin only.(without wearing make up) For make up removing process, we’ll include it on our next talks soon. Stay Tune !🤓

For How To Shop Fashionable Clothes On A Budget, here got  7 Tips you have to know, Check it out! Okay that’s about it for today, but I’d love to hear your routine for your skin too! Let me know in the comments!😊

Happyko hand with love (C)Happyesme.com

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Jiya Nagwan
7 months ago

These steps for cleaning the face are really very informative. Thanks so much for sharing.
Have a great day!

7 months ago

Yes! Love these tips!



Martha C
7 months ago

I love how practical and simple these steps are for cleansing your face, thanks for sharing!

jodie filogomo
jodie filogomo
7 months ago

It’s so important to clean our face…thanks for the steps.

Itzel Najar
7 months ago
Jenny Pink
7 months ago

Really informative post and concise enough to follow! Thanks, Esme!

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